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Fountain Valley Family Dentist Dr. Tammy Tran provides comprehensive services for the entire family.

Family Dentist Dr. Tammy Tran is a gentle dentist, who provides care from a toddler’s first visit, to orthodontics for pre-teens and teens, and treatment for mom and dad, all in one convenient location.

Dr. Tammy Tran is Your Fountain Valley Family Dentist

Dr. Tammy Tran is a family dentist who can take care of mom, dad and all the kids[/caption]For the youngsters, well, Dr. Tran really enjoys treating them. That's one of the reasons she was selected for special honors training in pediatric dentistry before graduating from New York University where she earned her degree in dentistry.

Dr. Tran has been seeing children since she started her practice, and believes strongly that parents should consider routine visits to a dentist for their children at a very early age. The reason for the early visits is to avoid having the child associate a dental visit with discomfort or pain, which can happen if the first time a child sees the dentist is when he or she has a problem.

What parents may especially like to know is that for dental emergencies, she will see you the same day. That’s policy is sure to be important for a parent whose young child is hurting because of an accident or dental condition requiring treatment.

Family Dentistry for Older children

Dr. Tran also provides a full range of services for the family’s pre-teens and teenagers, including orthodontic care using invisible braces, which may be an important consideration, especially for teens. People will not even realize they are being worn.

Dr. Tran uses two brands – Invisalign and ClearCorrect. They both straighten teeth by using a series of invisible teeth aligners, the impressions for which are made right in her office and then sent to her laboratory where the aligners are made. The results for both Invisalign and ClearCorrect are comparable. Occasionally laboratory fees vary. Dr. Tran will pick the best option and pass the savings on to her patients.

Dental Care for Mom and Dad

Adults have their own needs for dental care, and Dr. Tran provides comprehensive care mom and dad. From filling cavities using modern mercury-free white fillings, to dealing with root canals; from restoring a bright smile with teeth whitening, or through teeth straightening with invisible braces, to installing crowns or dealing with dental implants, Dr. Tran’s practice covers the full range of adult needs.

And because she is a gentle dentist, Dr. Tran looks forward to seeing anxious patients and helping them during their treatment.  She understands.

To make an appointment for you or your child with Dr. Tran, call her office at (714)-979-3710 or visit her Request an Appointment Fountain Valley Family Dentist page.

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