Affordable Fountain Valley Dentist

Making sure you get the best dental care is important to us at Fountain Valley Dental Care, and we know that costs can be factor. That’s why we work hard to keep our fees fair and why we offer a variety of payment options. Helping to make sure there’s no strain on your family finances is just another way we work with you to make your visits with us comfortable.

Affordable Dentist in Orange County

Many people maintain healthy teeth even without dental insurance. The key is prevention with proper home care on your part and regular dental visits. Yes, the visits might cost you a couple of hundred dollars  a year, but your efforts and our care can save you from requiring significant treatment that can cost you thousands. Consider us your ally in managing costs, not just because we provide a variety of payment options but also because we will provide you with treatment choices and careful explanations of benefits and risks.

Treatment Options Help Manage Costs

In many cases, there’s more than one way to treat problems. For example, if you have missing teeth, dental implants might be an ideal treatment. They are the most natural, comfortable, and functional treatment for missing teeth. But dental implants can be expensive and there are other, less expensive ways to replace missing teeth, such as a dental bridge or removable partial denture. Or perhaps your teeth might need some extensive treatment to restore your mouth to complete health. In this case, to ease any strain on your finances, we can implement a phased treatment plan. This really is just a series of treatment steps that can return your teeth to a healthy state while staying within a reasonable budget. The same is true for dental crowns. These can be hard on anyone’s budget, especially someone who doesn’t have dental insurance. When you visit with, we’ll give you an honest explanation of whether a crown is your only choice or whether other options are available to you. In some cases, your cost can also me made more manageable by what we call 'phased treatment'. It usually involves a patient who, perhaps because of fear or anxiety, has avoided the dentist for years on end. As a result, they are faced with a great deal of expensive procedures.

Orange County Dentist Payment Options

At Fountain  Valley Dental Care, we don't think the cost of good dental treatment should put a bite in your nest egg, so, we offer a variety of payment choices. Yes, of course, we take insurance and will work with you to file insurance claims. We also take credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club.

Orange County Affordable Dentist keeps your nest egg in tact

For patients who prefer, we can set up a payment plan right in our office and do offer no interest plans. We also will work with new patients to set up outside financing. Sometimes we may ask for a portion of our fee up front, depending on the treatment. We do this on a case-by-case basis. We would be happy to provide you with a more detailed explanation of our fees and payment options. Simply call us at 714-907-1557.

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