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A dental implant is an excellent procedure to replace one or more missing teeth

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Have you been wanting to straighten your teeth but hesitate because you don't want to wear traditional wire braces for two years or longer?  Well, there is an alternative—Invisalign invisible braces. Not only do they work faster, people will not even realize you are wearing them. However, this treatment option doesn't work in every case. If you're interested, Dr. Tran can examine you and let you know if you're a good candidate.

Invisalign®️ straightens teeth by using a series of clear teeth aligners that are invisible to others at a conversational distance. They snap over your teeth and each set of aligners gently pushes your teeth into a slightly different position.

How does Invisalign®️ work?

After a comprehensive examination with x-rays and an orthodontic evaluation, the process of straightening your teeth begins with detailed impressions of your teeth by Dr. Tran. These impressions are sent to a laboratory to be scanned into a computer and specially designed software will then fabricate between 12 and 48 clear aligners. When you return to Dr. Tran’s office, she will give you the first set, which you will simply snap on to your teeth. It's that simple. When you place the first aligner you will notice that it doesn’t quite fit. That’s because each aligner is designed to fit the new position where your teeth will gradually move over the next few days. When that happens, the next step will be a few days' rest to allow your teeth to stabilize in the new position. After two weeks, you place a new set of aligners on your teeth. Again, they won’t quite fit at first but they will after your teeth have moved a little more. The process continues until your teeth reach their final desired positions. Throughout the process you will be visiting Dr. Tran every four to six weeks so she can monitor the treatment, address any problems, and make slight corrections.

Advantages of Invisalign®️

  • They are faster. The process takes about half the time of traditional braces.
  • They are truly invisible. Now one can tell that you're straightening your teeth.
  • They are removable. You can eat and drink what you want and brush and floss normally.
  • Invisible braces are comfortable because they do not have metal wires to irritate cheeks or tongue.
  • The risk of tooth decay or tooth damage from braces is significantly lower with invisible braces because there are no brackets to catch food or plaque.

Invisible braces may not be right for every patient. If you're wondering if you are a candidate but you aren't ready to schedule an examination, you can call us for a complimentary consultation at (714)-364-0949 or request an appointment online. You can come in, meet us, ask questions, and decide if you'd like to have a complete examination.

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