Fountain Valley Deep Teeth Bleaching

Professional teeth whitening works wonders in giving you that bright,

white smile you've always dreamed about having. Years of accumulated stains vanish, giving you more confidence in your smile. Recently, Dr. Tran has become excited about another option in the teeth whitening arsenal that will work even on tetracycline stained teeth—the Kör Teeth Whitening System.

Unique Features in Kör Deep Teeth Bleaching

Kör was developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy using the chemistry of teeth whitening. He wanted to determine the key components to making teeth whitening as effective as possible. As a result of his analysis, he developed three features that enabled his bleaching system to get stronger results, even on the difficult whitening cases.

  • Kör's unique tri-barrel system: Dr. Kurthy recognized that by keeping the bleaching elements separated until the moment of application, he could include additional powerful elements that were not compatible in mixed storage. Now you can get all the powerful bleaching components available. This is the only tri-barrel system available in the world.
  • Refrigeration: Kör teeth whitening components are refrigerated from the point of their manufacture, which prevents strength degradation. The gel is activated when it comes in contact with your teeth and warms up. This prevents it from losing strength in transport or storage.
  • Unique bleaching tray: The trays are specially designed to keep out saliva, preventing your saliva from mixing in with the bleaching gel and diluting its effectiveness.
Before Kor deep teeth bleaching

Before teeth bleaching

After Kor deep teeth bleaching

After teeth bleaching[/caption]Tetracycline stained teeth have always been the hardest to remove. Most dentists will tell you it is impossible. As you can see from the pictures above, with this new whitening system, even those with tetracycline stains can have teeth they're happy to smile about. To learn more about the process of teeth whitening, click here to read our teeth whitening page. If you're ready to get your teeth brilliantly white, you may call our office to schedule an appointment (714) 979-3710 or request an appointment Fountain Valley Deep Teeth Bleaching online.

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