Smile Gallery

Orange County, CA Invisalign® Dentist - Dr. Tammy Tran

Invisalign® Case 1 - Issue: Underbite and Spacing
Here in this video to the left the patient has an underbite along with spaces between his teeth. After Dr. Tran completed the patient's Invisalign® treatment, she was able to correct these issues. Watch this happy patient's end result.

Invisalign® Case 2 - Issues: Crowding and Malalignment of Teeth
In this video you will see that this patient was having issues with crowding and malaligned (how the upper and lower teeth fit together) teeth. With Invisalign® treatment Dr. Tran was able to correct these issues for. Now this patient is much happier with his new smile.

Invisalign® Case 3 - Issue: Crooked Teeth
With the help from Dr. Tran, she was able to correct this patient's crooked teeth issue with Invisalign® treatment. See the pleasing results in this video here.

Invisalign® Case 4 - Issue: Spacing Between Front and Bottom Teeth
Dr. Tran transformed this patient's smile with Invisalign® treatment. See before and after photos of how Dr. Tran corrected the spacing of the upper and lower front teeth.

Invisalign® Case 5 - Issues: Narrow Arch, Overbite, and Crowding
Dr. Tran was able to correct this patient's issues with Invisalign® treatment. This patient had severe crowding to the left anterior bite after using a different type of aligner. The patient was very pleased that Dr. Tran was able to correct the crowding issue with Invisalign® treatment.