Problems with a wisdom tooth extraction

I had an impacted wisdom tooth that I had extracted about 4 weeks ago. My tongue is still numb for some reason. Do you know why?

John C. from Bryant, AR


Your lingual nerve (the one for your tongue) runs in different directions for every person. It is very near your wisdom teeth. Sometimes it can be right on top of it. It can be impossible not to affect it. How much damage is done and how permanently depends on each case.

If it was just bruised (or maybe stretched) it will take about a month to heal. Yours has been four weeks already. That doesn't mean the damage is worse. It could mean in a few days or weeks it will completely heal.  A crushed nerve can take up to a year  to heal completely. If the nerve was severed, it may never completely heal.

It is possible to have surgery to possibly repair it. It is tricky microsurgical procedure. Have you had any tingling on the side of your tongue? If so, that is a sign that it is damaged and beginning to heal.

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