Tips for a strong gag reflex

I have a strong gag reflex and going to the dentist is a nightmare, especially the x-rays. Is there anything that can make this easier?

Daphne S. - Tallahassee, FL


Yes, there are a few tips that people have found get results. The first thing to do is talk to your dentist about it, so he'll be aware. Then, there are things you can do. The two things I've had patients tell me works the best are to sprinkle 1-2 grams of salt on your tongue right before your dental x-rays are taken. Another is to ask your dentist to apply your numbing spray to your mouth, which will numb your mouth and throat.

Some other tips people have used are to bring an i-pod and listen to music during the x-rays. Also, you could lift your legs out of the chair and hold them up until the x-rays are done. This will keep you concentrating on your legs instead of your mouth and throat.

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