Root canal problem

I had a root canal done on a maxillary first molar that had a crown. He put another crown on it. After the root canal I had no problems and felt fine, but now that he's put the second crown on it, I'm having lots of sensitivity to hot and cold. Do you know what is going on?

Randall H.- Florida


If this root canal were done correctly, there would not be any sensation left in this tooth. It is not uncommon for that tooth to have an anomaly in its root canal structure. It is possible there is a second canal in the mesiobuccal root. I would have the endodontist re-check this tooth. An opening will need to be made in the crown, in order to deal with this. The opening will need to be sealed over later with a durable filling material. For most crowns, this won’t be a problem. I am a little surprised the problem wasn't noticed when he placed the crown. He should not have needed to use Novocaine on a tooth that had a root canal treatment Orange County. I also don't understand why he needed to place a second crown. Why didn't he just work through a hole in the first crown and seal it. I'd talk to your dentist about both of those things.

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