Root Canal Failure

I had a root canal a little over a year ago. Everything seemed to go fine. For some reason about two weeks ago I started having problems. It started with pain when pressure was put on it and steadily progressed until I am in enough pain that I want the tooth taken out. I went in to have my dentist take a look and there is a 5mm pocket on the gum. When I had my 6 mo check up a few months ago it was a 3mm. He's thinking the pain is probably from the gum disease and if we treat this there won't be any further problem. I have my doubts and am wondering if this is related to the root canal seeing as it is the same tooth. What do you think?

Lauren W. - Boise, ID


To me it seems like a pretty clear case of root canal failure. I'm not sure why your dentist isn't looking into that at all. A 5mm pocket wouldn't be causing pain, so that isn't the only problem.

I suggest you ask your dentist for a referral to an endodontist, which is a root canal specialist.

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