Could you explain to me what a pulpotomy is? My dentist just told me my daughter needs one, but he didn't have time to explain it all to me, so I'm a little concerned.

Thank you very much,

Catherine J.- Wilmington


Think of a pulpotomy as a root canal treatment for baby teeth. It is almost always done on infected molars because they need to stay in place until the child is about 10-12 years old. It is important to keep them there to hold the place for the permanent premolars. With this treatment, most of the pulp of the baby tooth is removed down to the roots, and the tissue inside the roots is daubed with a disinfectant such as formocresol.  This treatment kills the infection and then the tooth will be sealed and covered with a crown.

I hope this helps ease your concerns. Feel free to ask any more questions.

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