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I think I need something like a permanent retainer, if that exists. Here is why. I had braces put on when I was a teenager (I'm 28 now). Afterwards, some of my teeth moved out of place again. The upper ones. I went to see another orthodontist and he suggested I wear a retainer all the time for a while and then I could go to just at night.  He thought six months should do it.  I've been doing it for two and a half years now and they still move out of alignment after just a few hours without a retainer. What do you suggest?

Danya S. - Alamosa, CO


I'm not sure why your teeth move out of alignment so easily or so quickly. However, I do know that constant back and forth movement isn't good for them. The best thing is for you to keep the retainer on full-time. If you don't feel like wearing your retainer during the day because of appearance issues, than there are a couple of options for you.1. You could have a permanent retainer bonded to the insides of your teeth. You can have them put on your uppers, lowers, or both. No one will see you have a retainer and  you don't have to worry about taking it in and out. The downside is it complicates cleaning your teeth. In order to clean between them you will need a floss threader.2. If you're not wanting anything that permanent, you can have a Fountain Valley teeth whitening splint made. The clear bleaching trays will help to hold your teeth in position and are not as noticeable as an orthodontic retainer.

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