Do you need to floss a bridge?

I had heard that a bridge was so tight fitting against the gums that it prevents food from getting trapped. I had some problems with gum disease a year ago, had a tooth extracted, got everything cleaned up, and then had a bridge put on. Now I'm having problems with that same gum bleeding again and it is very swollen. Should I be flossing the bridge?

Carol G.- Wisconsin


Yes, it is very important that you floss even under your dental bridge, especially if you were previously treated for gum disease as you were. Not only will flossing help prevent gum disease, but it will also help with prevention of further bone loss around your teeth.

That being said, there are two reasons why your gums might be swollen. First, it's possible your gums are reinfected. If that is the case, they'll need to be re-treated. Second, if your bridge was place immediately after your tooth was extracted, the extraction site might not have had sufficient time to heal. That can lead to similar symptoms on your gums.

To help you floss under your bridge, you can get bridge floss threaders in the toothpaste aisle of a general store. Your dental hygienist can show you to use them.

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