Crooked front tooth

I have a crooked front tooth. It leans behind my other front tooth. It's pretty bad and has embarrassed me for years. I wonder if you could tell me what my options are. I'm considering Invisalign, braces, pulling it out. What do you think?

Janine- San Francisco


For many adult situations, Invisalign Orange County works just fine. Traditional braces will work fine too, but Invisalign will go substantially faster and no one will know you are wearing them. I do not recommend extracting your tooth. It is rarely a good idea to pull a healthy tooth, and I'm assuming the tooth is healthy. Plus, it wouldn't look right with a front tooth missing. You want your front teeth to be symmetrical. Having five front teeth instead of six just wouldn't look right. If you do decide to remove the crooked tooth, you'd need to replace it with something like a dental implant Orange County.

One option you didn't mention that would also work is to get porcelain veneers. At my office we use the Lumineers Orange County brand. That could fix the appearance of your tooth in just two appointments.

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