A question about DIANGNOdent

My dentist is using this tool called DIANGNOdent. He said he found some things that aren't cavities yet, that will be cavities in the future and he wants to fill them. This really seems hinky to me. Why would I fill cavities that don't exist?

Sierra M.- Bellevue, Washington


Your dentist is doing a horrible job explaining this to you. The DIANGNOdent is a laser that detects actual decay, not future decay. The decay may appear not to be there, because the decay is currently under the surface. This is very useful because it is allows dentists to treat the cavity while they are very small. This, along with the bonding technology available with white fillings, means the fillings can be made quite unobtrusive. This also helps prevent your teeth from being weakened by the filling. I hope this helps.

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